Al Ramayan Villa

Al Ramayan Villa

This was a project that had involved the professional project management services in Kuwait that only Al Murshed can provide, from start until the completion. At the onset of this project, we faced a major constraint and major drawback that was operating on a low budget. Added to this hurdle, we also had to cater to the many deviations/variations, as per the clients requirement. We believe that customer satisfaction is the absolute key to success. Hence, our main aims were to meet the customers satisfaction, even though we were challenged to work on a low budget and complete the project within a short time frame of 16 months. Creating a safe working environment and bearing in mind the basement floor of this villa, the quality of work was never compromised during all phases of the project.

Taking into account Al Mursheds extensive architectural design service and experience, including our negotiating skills; the support we received from our suppliers and sub-contracts proved very beneficial for our team and company. Despite these challenges faced working with vendors, we have been able to project our company very positively with exceptional quality of work delivery to the client.

Our project plan greatly contributed in minimizing on the non-added value time, thus enabling the project to run smoothly. Regular monitoring the project schedule and providing the client with regular updates with the work in progress until close of the project, we were rewarded with the fact that our client was completely at peace, knowing for a fact that the project was in very good hands.  


Abdulah Al Mubarak


Project Management - Supervision




400 m2