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Al Murshed Design seeks to free architectural imagination from habitual thinking and standard typologies, in order to deal with the constantly evolving challenges of contemporary life. We offer a professional and friendly service, working closely with clients to maximize their ideas and achieve a designed solution suited to their needs which is both practical to build and cost effective.
Al Murshed Design standards raise by exceeding your expectations. Our architecture, interior, design build, supervision and construction services inspire users as we find ingenious solutions to every element of our designs. We deliver success to all projects like commercial telecommunication, healthcare, restaurant and residential in Kuwait, United Arab Emirates cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Doha Qatar, Bahrain, Cairo Egypt and Syria.
Al Murshed Design provides the best way of utilizing the space and designing the interior, selecting the furniture and its accessories, that could be customed made or ordered and shipped from all over the world that could be adapt to these space.
We challenge the prevailing beliefs by allowing room for inspirational endeavours and inventive thinking. We enhance our concepts from our experiences, but are also constantly looking for innovative strategies to optimise our design.
We respect our client’s individuality and uniqueness. Our ideals focus on ways of bringing spaces together to become successful environments to live or work in.